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Coach Romancheck
Coach Dave David Romancheck
Bound Brook Girls Basketball NJ

Basketball Coach

  • Middle School Girls
Recreation Helper
  • 4th-8th Travel Girls
  • 3rd-8th Girls
9+ Years Experience
Bound Brook Girls Basketball
 Bound Brook Basketball Champions 2016
2015-2016 Middle School Championship Team
Top Row:  Coach Romancheck, Julia Nilsen, Cameron Ward, Nadeen Elharmoushy, Liliana Gomez, Jenna Thiessen, Katriona Nagy, Messiah Hannah
Bottom Row: Sophia Poltronieri, Takara Pugh, Emily Toy, Cristina Rosa, Amari Tukes, Laurant Morris, Arianna McCleod
Bound Brook Basketball Champ Mix
 Bound Brook Basketball Champions 2015
2014-2015 Middle School Championship Team
Top Row:  Coach Romancheck, Cameron Ward, Julia Nilsen, Cortlyn Morris, Hailey Aguilar, Messiah Hannah, Nikiyah Riddick
Bottom Row: Laurant Morris, Emily Toy, Evelyn Nunez, Arianna McCleod, Heather Tomaselli, Christina Rosa
Janeea Summers Coach Romancheck

 Bound Brook Basketball Champions 2013
2012-2013 Middle School Championship Team
Top Row:  Coach Romancheck, Assitant Coach Jeremie Summers, Jordan Todaro, Jordan McDuffie, Diamond Tucker, Olivia Nilsen, Janeea Summers, Nicole Roth, Iyonna Hall, Principal Mr. Gordon, Vice Principal Mr. Demarco
Bottom Row: Natasha Rojas, Vicki Triana, Daniela Bogantes, Lacey Anne Meyers, Megan Tomaselli, Cortlyn Morris, Evelyn Nunez, Heather Tomaselli

Dear Middle School Basketball Parents and Players,
Welcome to the middle school team. It is an intense and quick season. Please read through this and check the schedule before fully committing to this team. First, please keep it positive in the stands and on the bench.  We represent Bound Brook and South Bound Brook schools and need to be cognizant of this at all times. Second, I ask all the girls to display hard work and dedication at practice and in school.  Third, playing time is very subject to the competitive nature of the game.  Some games might have a very limited rotation due to intense full court pressure, half court demands, and other variables.  I coach like a varsity high school team and have no requirement that everyone plays in every game. All the coaches in our league follow the same procedure. Also, our team has a large number of guards, very few point guards, and very few centers and forwards. I reviewed with the girls at tryouts the nature of guard rotation and it will make substitutions this season very challenging. There will always be some time allocated to skill development in practice, but guards should be able to shoot 3 pointers, handle the ball under pressure, be quick, and pass the ball well. Again, there is only so much practice time to develop skills once the season begins. If there are major concerns I'd like you to follow a 24 hour cool down policy after a game before addressing them.  Fourth, our season is quick and there are more games than practices.  During the regular season there are 18 practices coinciding with school days (note we will try to add practices over breaks and days off) and 22 GAMES.  Fifth, if any player is definitely going to miss a game or practice please let me know ASAP.  Sixth, unexplained tardiness or absence from practice can lead to removal from the team. All parents should have access to my cell phone number. Lastly, please be aware SBB students will be picked up at Robert Morris School for away games only.  Also, SBB students will be dropped off at the Community School following away games.  It is a good idea to correlate pickup times while the bus is arriving from our different away locations so no one ends up waiting at the Community School for long. I coach other teams through recreation and my attendance will be required often immediately after a game.
Thank You,
Coach Romancheck


The 2016-2017 team is Laurant Morris, Amari Tukes, Arianna McCleod, Sophia Poltronieri, Nicole Romero, Ariel Smith, Takara Pugh, Nadeen Elharmoushy, Jkhia Gaskins, Angie Escalante, Giohana Contreas, Melany Rivera, Melanie Porras, Ashley Abrego, and Onya Boone


Current Practice and Game Schedule in PDF CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


If you made the team continue with Online Registration it is required and look at the picture below if you don't know where to click CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
ALSO if your wish to take your child home directly after a game PLEASE fill out the travel consent form on the link located in the same link for online registration





Middle School Team
The Middle School team competes in the Central Jersey Junior Basketball League consisting of 11 other teams which the girls will play twice during the season from December-February and be seeded for playoffs.  Teams include:  Deerfield (Mountainside), Middlesex, Green Brook, Bedminster, Long Hill, Valley View, Somerville, North Plainfield, Manville, Warren, and Branchburg.  This league prepares the girls for a high level of competition that they will continue to face at the High School level.  Transportation to and from away games is provided by the school.  To all parents, please note that coaches at this level make decisions much like a high school coach and playing time might vary from game to game.  The emphasis is on developing a group of girls that love to play competitive basketball and will transition into the high school program.

Notable seasons:

Overall 2011-2017 95-28 record, 77% winning percentage, 4 CJJBL Eastern Championship visits, 3 Championships
2016-2017 18-7 record, CJJBL Eastern Championship Game Runner-Up
Arianna McCleod, MVP award at Championship game, 484 points scored in 8th grade season
2015-2016 15-5 record, CJJBL Eastern Champions
Cameron Ward, MVP award at Championship game, Cameron Ward and Julia Nilsen leading scorers for their 8th grade season
2014-2015 20-0 record, CJJBL Eastern Champions, First undefeated season
Cortlyn Morris, MVP award at Championship game, 416 points scored in 8th grade season
2013-2014 14-5 record, Second Round in Playoffs
2012-2013 17-2 record, CJJBL Eastern Champions, Jeremie Summers, assistant coach
Janeea Summers, MVP award at Championship game, Over 800+ points scored in three years
2011-2012 11-9 record, Second Round in Playoffs


Current game schedules can be viewed at - click on Bound Brook then continue to view “Basketball - Girls MS”



Through the years of Volunteering
   SpringTravelBBHoopHeaven15    ChampionsHoopHeaven456BBgirls   
   Back to Back Hoop Heaven Champions 2016
   4/5 Grade Hoop Heaven Team 2016






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Thanks to all the girls that attend the basketball clinic days throughout the year.  It is through this extra hard work that everyone stays in the basketball frame of mind.  Also, thanks to everyone that helps make these clinics possible.
clinic 2014


Thanks to all Bound Brook and South Bound Brook players, parents, administrators, and volunteer coaches.  Our small towns require a special dedication to be successful.
Over the years, a thank you to all the coaches that allowed me to work with their players at the recreation level:  Marc Padilla, Dave Morris, Denzel Sanders, and Jeremie Summers.  Thanks to the current recreation director, Doreen Todaro, for all the support with girls basketball (especially launching the travel teams, coaching when necessary, providing clinics, and overseeing the building of a new full size gym for our town).  Thanks to the previous director, Dom Longo, for his support of recreation basketball.  From Bound Brook schools the list is many, but thank you in order of guidance Mr. Nytz, Mrs. Nytz, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Sepkowski, Mr. Mott, Mr. Nixon, Mr. Egan, Mr. Franey, Dr. Gallagher, Coach Melesurgo, Mr. Demarco, Coach Kline, Coach Derevjanik, Coach Kiely, Dr. Santicerma, and Coach Cubas.  
Many thanks to Coach Kline for asking me to participate on his bench during his 2015 playoff games against New Egypt (score 43-30) and then South River (score 41-51).  Watching the girls make it to the third game in the state playoffs was amazing.  Coach Kline after this season moved back to coaching boys.  Best wishes!
Many thanks to Coach Derevjanik for asking me to participate on her bench during her 2016 playoff games against Piscataway Tech (score 83-16), Shore (score 73-39), Dunellen (score 71-43), Middlesex in the sectional final game (score 67-52), Haddon Heights (score 47-36), and University in the state championship game (score 55-81).  This was the first sectional title since 1989.  I'm so proud of the girls and the coaches.
Many thanks again to Coach Derevjanik for asking me to participate on her bench during her 2017 playoff games against Manville (70-26), Point Pleasant Beach (72-19), Riverside (69-23), Shore Regional (73-33) in the sectional final game, Wildwood (78-54), University (81-56) the state tournament championship game, and finally a tournament of champions game versus Red Bank Catholic (39-62).  This was the first state championship title ever for the girls program at Bound Brook.  I'm so proud of the girls and the coaches.
First Ever Group 1 State Champions
Also, I'm so proud of Janeea Summers for applying hard work and dedication to school and basketball.  On November 9, 2016 she signed her papers to join the UMBC University of Maryland Baltimore County.  This Division 1 scholarship is awesome and I'm so happy for Bound Brook, Janeea, and her loving family. I'm grateful I could be there for the whole ride from 5th grade rec to middle school to high school.
Janeea5thGradeBasketball UMBCJaneeaBBall   HaddonHeightsBoundBrookGirlsBBall  
Our head coach for the girls high school program is Ms. Jennifer Derevjanik.  She has completed two seasons now and has taken the girls to one conference, two sectional, and one state championship. Her passion for basketball has led her to go from the gyms of Staten Island with St. Peter's to George Mason University to the WNBA and overseas with European teams.  I hope to learn a lot from her vast amount of court experience as a point guard and wish her the best in transitioning to coaching high school.  A great article about Coach Derevjanik from can be found by clicking here. Also, click on the image below to see her full write up as an A10 Legend for NCAA Women's College Basketball.
Coach Derevjanik A10 Legend
The 2014-2015 season was dedicated to the passing of an amazing person and fellow 8th grader to many on the team, Leslie Ramirez.  Leslie passed away from brain cancer November 11, 2014.  To honor her memory after the season I took three 4th graders to the Baskets for Bama 3-on-3 basketball tournament raising money to fight brain cancer.
In Memory of Leslie Ramirez
David Romancheck Dave Romancheck basketball Bound Brook girls Leslie Ramirez may you dance on forever dancing is something I enjoy also - if you are not an angel then I don't know who is
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