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Name: Kari Trevidic
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Phone number: 732-652-7950

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Courses taught at Bound Brook High School including course description:

CP Spanish II:
This course will promote a more intensive use of vocabulary, idiom, and conversation. Improved skills of both oral and written expression will enable students to write short stories and letters, become involved in the production of skits relating to everyday activities, and read anthologies of Spanish and South American literature with an emphasis toward the basic goal of comprehension, on a higher level, the culture and history of Spanish-speaking people everywhere. At this level, serious attention to speaking, reading, and writing the language in a career setting is addressed.
CP Spanish III:
This is a fast-paced course designed for the student continuing in Spanish. Spanish III will deal with the expansion of basic language skills developed in Spanish I and II through conversation, vocabulary, idiom building, and the studyand use of the subjunctive mood. The course will also include writing short themes and reading Spanish and Latin American short story authors. An exploration of the use of the language in theworkplace will also be experienced
Spanish Literacy I:
Description will be added at a later date.
Spanish Literacy II:
Description will be added at a later date.


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